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Fuel for debate

Sports Illustrated has ranked the ballparks in terms of value for the fans. Click here for Petco's ranking.

You always have to take a grain of salt when you read these things, but I'll go out on a limb and say that I generally agree with the Petco review, especially after comparing it with reviews for other ballparks I've been too. (example: SBC is a little bit overrated.) The last time I looked at a list like this I got a little annoyed.

Here are the two grains of salt you have to keep in mind about Petco:

  1. The concessions and souveniers rate a 2 out of 10 in terms of value. I would rate this a little bit higher. Maybe a 3 or a 4, only because their food criteria was based on two regular hot dogs and two regular hot dogs are easily the worst value in the park not counting beverages. You're much, much better off getting anything but the regular hot dog. My personal favorite is the Anthony's stands.

  2. The neighborhood scores a 6 which I think could be bumped up a point. There may be nothing right outside of the ballpark, but within two blocks the number of options goes up exponentially.
I was especially impressed that they acknowledged the fact that there's nothing to do within like 8 blocks of SBC. I'm also very curious about visiting Coors Field. It's the only NL West ballpark I haven't been to and it ranks third on the list! That's gotta be something to see.