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Open Thread, 8/9: Padres vs Mets or The Showdown!

Showdown tonight as Pedro (12-3, 2.81) comes in to take on Park (8-5, 5.84). Will the Juggernaut continue to roll?

Jonny Dub desperately wanted to go see Pedro pitch live, so we gathered up jbox and some Park Passes and we'll be at the game shortly. What craziness awaits our batters?

Here's a line to warm the cockles of your heart:

Ryan Klesko vs Pedro Martinez: .345/.406/.828.

Sick, no? That's over 29 ABs and it includes 4 HRs and 2 doubles. The Friar Faithful expect more of the same, Ryno. You go on out there tonight and you add a little sumthin' sumthin' to those filthy, naughty numbers. Add a little sumthin' funky for me and a little sumthin' nasty for jbox. Then you call us tomorrow and you tell us about it. We want to hear all the dirty details. Remember, there's a time to get down and there's a time to get funky. This is one of those funky times.

Also, if you're a Trojan football fan, then you have something in common with jbox and his posse. They've started a blog, the format of which I may have to explain a little bit. It's a series of e-mails that they send down from L.A. with all kinds of info about Trojan Football and jbox posts them to the internet. Check it out right here.

See you at the game! Go Padres!