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What's that smell?

It must be the Padres cookin' again!

Whew. That's cheesy. Padres cookin' with milk products these days.

Let's see what's going on on the off day.

  • I should probably mention that the Padres are over .500 again and in first place by themselves. If you jumped off the bandwagon last week, shame on you. But come on back now. It's OK.

  • Ducksnorts has a podcast! I love me some podcasts even though my iPod Mini can't seem to hold a battery charge anymore... I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

  • I'm psyched for Matt Vasgersian to come back to the TV broadcast booth. Dennis Morgigno has been sitting in. I enjoy Dennis' interviews and he's capable as a host, but his live calls could use some work. He'll somewhat regularly misread the play or the count and when it's being shown right there on the TV at the same time, it becomes glaringly obvious. Also, his banter just isn't as comfortable as Mark's and Matt's. I know some people don't like the banter, but let's be honets. If I'm watching the game on the tube, it doesn't have to be spelled out for me what's going on. And this is the middle of the season. I like to hear dudes at midseason form. I take back my vote that says Vasgersian deserves a vacation. Plenty of time to rest afterwards.

  • Richard proclaims Nevin done and gone for. While you can't argue the numbers (or at least I can't), I can argue this: Nevin was really kicked around here towards the end, and it was made obvious a few times that he's a pretty emotional guy. If what we saw in the public was just the tip of the iceburg in terms of what was going on in the clubhouse and in the front office, then it wouldn't surprise me to think that Nevin was driven to distraction his last couple years here. Couple that with the injury and his obviously being psyched out by Petco, it wouldn't surprise me to see Nevin bounce back a little with the Rangers. And for the record, you don't always have to be better than average to have value. Especially when the "average" means the very top of your given profession. I think it's a little early to say that Nevin's PECOTA collapse has come true, but we'll see at the end.

More later as we wander through the off day!