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The Padres won their series yesterday which is awesome. We're working our way up the ladder. At the very least, we know that we can beat the Rockies and the Pirates. Of course, that should be the very very least a team should be able to do. Nevertheless, it feels good.

I'm playing a ping pong game that davidlizerblog linked to. It's like futuristic ping pong. Such fun.

Playing the game reminded me of two things. One was the fact that Mario Baseball comes out at the end of this month which should prove to be good times good times as long as I'm not too addicted to Madden '06 by then.

The other thing was at the SurfDawgs game. Jonny Dub, jbox and I were ready to be overwhelmed by the davidlizerblog posse. I mean, David had said there would be a posse. Turned out it was just him and Ilana. I asked where his posse was. He said, "You guys are my posse tonight." That's a lot of pressure considering my handshake isn't nearly as firm as thedavidlizerblog big league posse.

Also, The O's blew out their manager. From the article:

Mazzilli was removed before the Orioles' game with the Angels on Thursday, ending a tumultuous week and strange 1 1/2-year tenure in which Mazzilli was both lauded for his spurts of success and heavily criticized for his in-game managing, relationships with players and laidback style.
Sucks to be an O's fan right now, eh?

Update [2005-8-5 13:26:11 by Dex]: Also, Gaslampballer Garth desperately wants you all to know that "Giles" is actually "Selig" spelled backwards. There's some sort of theory about Giles being the savior and Selig being the anti-christ.

Hey! Wait a second. What if Sandy Alderson taking the job with the Padres is just Selig's way of having somebody keep a close eye on Giles! Watch your backs Padres! Trust no one!

Except for the Gaslampballers.

And the Rally Unicorn. Trust in the second coming of the Rally Unicorn.

Update [2005-8-5 14:32:50 by Dex]: Oh and here's another good link: Jayson Stark's Useless Info: NL West edition! A lot of interesting things about our Padres, but a shot at the world series and a top 10 pick in the draft next season? I'll take it.

Update [2005-8-5 17:11:20 by jbox]:

Here's a better game: Wiffle Ball! Thanks to the nerdhater.