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Open Thread, 8/4: Padres vs Pirates or Rubbermatch Goodness

B-Law goes for us today against Mark Redman. The Good News is that the bats have come alive. The Bad News is that I think the Padres took me a little too literally when I said they should be more aggressive on the basepaths. You can temper it a little, dudes. Don't go running yourself out of innings.

Chan Ho didn't exactly start off the way he would've wanted. I blame it on the long weekend. Next time out: 2 runs on 6 hits. You heard it here first.

Reader padres311 has started his own blog with a focus on the Mobile Bay Bears, which is of course the Padres Double-A Affiliate. Check out BayBear Beat for the start of some good minor league stuff. I'll add the link to the sidebar soon.

Remember the guy who got tossed out of the game for chanting "Towers Sucks"? Well, he's decided to speak his mind regarding the incident right here in the comments. I kinda forget sometimes that people actually read the blog. I kinda had it set in my head that the commentators are the only readers, and yet I know the lurkers are out there.

Also, here's a fun fact. We get a good amount of hits every day for this diary by thenerdhater. We consistently get people who find the blog through the Google search "Joe Morgan Sucks". So, there's an audience out there if you want to contribute to the ambitious project of finding all 25,000 ways Joe Morgan Sucks.

Go Padres!