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Burroughs is back, Quantrill is released and Game Pictures

Breaking News:  My Secret Source also tells me that Paul Quantrill was released by the Padres.  He also tells me it was because the Pads had too many pitchers and he was the worst of the relievers.

Update [2005-8-31 16:25:27 by jbox]: San Diego Padres Designated RHP Paul Quantrill for assignment and recalled 3B Sean Burroughs from Triple-A Portland.

Last night's game

This guy was standing outside the ball park and he looked exactly like Dex only about 30 years older. He even was wearing clothes that Dex actually has.

Check it out. We saw Weisbarth again! He is a man of the people. Chatting up fans. We also saw Troy Johnson, but he was walking by so quickly he didn't hear me yelling "TROY!"

Jon is really proud of this artistic picture he took of the foul line on the corner of the Western Metal Supply Building.

Hanging out in the Park in the Park is all fun and games, no matter what age.