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Open Thread, 8/30: Respectability vs Practicality

Padres fans all over are trying to decide if they should be happy about the Padres or unhappy about the Padres. Padre Mike thinks this season is cause to be unhappy. On the other hand, Richard thinks we should be happy.

The Padres have put us in an awkward spot.

Me, I'm taking it a day at a time. If the Padres happen to win, then I'm firmly in the as-long-as-we-make-playoffs-we're-awesome camp. Otherwise, I'll hang out on the this-team-is-such-an-embarrasment side of the fence.

The Open Thread is yours to play with. Last week, we left it alone and came back to find all kinds of girl talk. Do that again if you'd like, but remember this, ladies: Men have feelings too.

Update [2005-8-30 19:59:47 by Dex]: Turns out, we still have an extra ticket. If you want it, then let me know in the comments and we can arrange something. If you're worried about going alone, then don't worry.

Update [2005-8-30 20:15:3 by Dex]: Anybody? You don't necessarily have to sit with us. Though it's just the one ticket so you'd have to be some kinda lone wolf not to.

Update [2005-8-30 20:42:40 by Dex]: And the ticket goes unused. I'm walking over to the park now. Don't say I never offer you guys anything. Enjoy the game.