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Peavy is a wreck

Peavy cut his hand taking out the trash yesterday. There was a close call in regards to his starting tonight's game when the nurse and an insane looking surgeon, perhaps intentionally misreading the diagnosis, tried to amputate his right arm.

"She kind of laughed (like), 'He's not pitching in no ballgame tomorrow night.' She laughed and told the other nurse, 'He thinks he's pitching in a ballgame tomorrow.' "
Then she became very serious and shrieked, "NOW GIMME YOUR OTHER ARM!!!"

Later, it was discovered that the insane looking surgeon was Joe Morgan.

Morgan's broadcast partner, Jon Miller managed to save Peavy's arm by wrestling Morgan away and yelling, "No Joe! That's not smartball! That's not smartball!"

The nurse is still at large, but Joe Morgan can be seen every week on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball.