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Padres Notes

  • The Padres will let the division slip through their friar fingers if they don't start playing better baseball.  They have no excuse, they could have put this season away months ago.  I don't care that they are in 1st place now.  This is no time to relax and finish out the season.  You've got the D-Backs and the Dodgers sitting only 4.5 games back.  Sure both teams suck, but don't think for a minute that they can't beat the Padres head to head.  In a Bochy interview last week on 1090, he said "we prefer not to look at our record, we try and focus on our place in the division."  Well at least focus on the place on the other teams in the division also.  These are must win games.  The Padres absolutely need to take the next 2 games from the D-Backs, or things are going to get really bad.  
  • I'm wondering what it will be like when/if the Padres clinch.  Are they going to run out on the field, pile up and drink champagne? (Reader Mato was thinking this first and made a poll.) Because to be honest I don't think they deserve that kind of celebration. Maybe my opinion will change if they play better going into the end of the season.  Right now it would be a little awkward for them to putting on a big show like that, with the way they've played.
  • Matt Vasgersian was being such a punk last night.  Mark Grant was excited and was trying to explain how the inside the park home run may have hit the concrete.  Vasgersian with his dry commentary just kept saying "it was a home run".  Grant knew it was a home run, but he was trying to explain to the viewers how the ball must have hit the wall in order to bounce the way it did.  Grant was getting pissed at Vasgersian.  Let me tell you, I was too.  Meanwhile Dex was loving it and thinking Grant was crazy.
  • Don Rumsfield was at the game sitting with John Moores and Dave Winfield.  Isn't Moores also a real good friend of Jimmy Carters?  And no, Rumsfield doesn't look like Tim McCarver.  Nice try Vasgersian, err Dex!
  • Nerdhater tells us of a possible trade of Brian Lawrence and Xavier Nady for Coco Crisp and Kevin Millwood.  I heard the same rumor yesterday during lunch.  Millwood only has a year left on his contract, so I can't see why the Padres would make that move.  Plus they need to build around X.
  • Klesko hit his first homerun in Petco since July 16th.  You rarely see a Padres home run in Petco anymore.  It's a welcome sight.  Klesko had his socks pulled way up, what he likes to call his "hitting boots".  This is how he breaks out of slumps I guess.
  • The Channel 4 guys gave a very telling stat about this season.  The Padres when they are down by 3 or more runs have only come back once this entire season.
  • Does Troy Johnson read every Padres Blog except Gaslamp?
  • Must win tonight!  Go Pads!