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Today in Baseball: Giambi says vague things again

Here's the funniest baseball article I read today. Maybe I just have a weird sense of humor though. According to everybody's favorite apologizer:

"He has accomplished unbelievable things," Giambi said. "It is just an unfortunate thing that happened. I don't wish it on anybody."
It's true. Those things were unbelievable. But now they're believable again. The dude was on roids so, yeah. I can believe that he did those things. And also, "I don't wish it on anybody"? You don't wish what exactly on anybody? And who is this "anybody" person anyway?

Let's see. The guy did amazing, hall of fame calibur things on the baseball field. Said that he did it without the help of any illegal substances. Then he fails a drug test and OOPSY. Turns out maybe he was juiced after all.

Now, I'm kinda curious what the "thing" is that Giambi's referring to. Because if the "thing" is cheating at something, and then getting caught... Then, in general, there are a lot of people I'd wish that on. Namely, every single other steroid freak in professional sports today. Including YOU, Jason Giambi! Booyah. I said it.

I'm guessing the "anybody" in Gimabi's case actually is Jason Giambi. The quote should probably read, "It is just an unfortunate thing that happened. I hope I don't ever get caught like that."

Anyway. Enough of me making unfounded accusations. Here are some links that I read during my lunch hour:
  • Chan Ho happy to Park it at Petco. That's a pretty good bad pun, Krasovic. I would've gone with: Chan-ces are, a new Ho-me will be made at Petco Park. No, I wouldn't have really. But, yes I would.

  • Batgirl makes me laugh. Maybe not all the time, because I don't really follow the Twins, but at least when the Legos get involved. Maybe I'll steal that idea and the G.I. Bochy idea and do reenactments of Padres games with G.I. Joes. I don't have a whole lot of old G.I. Joes though. Time to hit the Swap Meet.