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Surf Dawgs game and Bat Race

Here is the video of the race:


Last night Dex, Jonny Dub and I went to the Surf Dawgs game. We met David and Ilana there. Sometime during the second inning a Surf Dawg version of the Pad Squad came up to us and asked if we wanted to be in the Bat Race after the 5th inning. Dex and Jon agreed. I went to get my camera to catch the action in full motion video.

We went over to the side of the field after the 5th and they brought us out. Jerry the announcer introduced Dex and Jon to the crowd. He explained the rules. Each person must put their forehead on the bat and spin around TWELVE times then race to first base where "South Paw" the mascot was the finish line.

You'll see in the video that Jon gets dizzy so quickly that he couldn't even keep his head down. People were yelling at him from the stands. I think he only went around about 5 times and then started running. Dex finished his 12 in about the same time and instantly dove into the soft turf of Tony Gwynn Stadium. He got up to see Jon finish ahead of him. But wait! As usual, Dex won because his competitor cheated. If you remember from the Bochy For Mayor Trivia contest he also won because the blonde girl cheated. Dex plays fair and that pays off big time. Both Jon and Dex won free Guacamole the next time they go to Chipotle. WTH? Isn't Guacamole a condiment? Isn't that like giving somebody a handful of ketchup packets? Couldn't they give them a free burrito or a coke or something?

After the race, Jon demanded that I take a picture of him with the hot surf dawg chick. Just kidding. You can click on the picture and see the real picture. Dex and I were just teasing Jon that we would try to get him in trouble again. Don't worry Sheona, Jon was well behaved.