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Open Thread, 8/27: Padres vs Rockies

I'll be at the game tonight. And I'm in a little rush right now to get out the door. If jbox logs on and sees this he can fix it. Maybe add a haiku or something.

Update [2005-8-27 20:25:32 by jbox]:

jbox here. What am I supposed to be fixing up?

Lawrence vs. Kim tonight. Vista lost today, so let's make sure the Padres win!

Here's some stuff:

  • Jake Peavy got his Wisdom Teeth pulled and gets to go home, so he won't be sitting out in the bullpen. This kinda stuff can't wait for the off season? Maybe they were really impacted. Wisdom teeth extractions aren't that bad though. I woke up during my surgery, but that's another story.
  • Catcher David Ross was sent down to AAA Portland. He seemed to have a pretty postive attitude about the move.
  • The UT also tells us that the Padres still haven't had any kinds of talks with Hoffman about his future with the Pads. Hoffman is kinda taking it as a sign of disrespect, because they've already talked to Giles. Towers says they will talk in the off-season. The Padres are gonna have problems if they don't sign Hoffman. The fan backlash is gonna be bad. No more Trevor Time, no more nerve-racking saves, it will take some balls to get rid of him. Hoffman's agent says he wants Hoffman to be the highest paid reliever in the game, which would be like $10+ million a year. Right now he's getting $5m. You don't hear Trevor talk negatively about the Pads much, but he did here.
  • I mentioned this earlier in a comment and I've been searching for a picture or a movie. Remember when they were doing demolition for the ball park and they painted a catcher on one of the buildings. Then they painted the wrecking ball to look like a baseball. Then instead of dropping the baseball into the catcher's glove. They repeatedly dropped it into his jock. Over and over again. They show it on Channel 4 every once and awhile. Every time it makes me laugh.