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Open Thread, 8 /26: Eaton vs Expectations

Adam Eaton goes for us tonight. Are you nervous? The Gaslamp Ball Mailbag had this in it earlier today.

Dear Dex,

I'm a ball of nerves about Adam Eaton.

Hugs and Kisses!
Two things:
  1. There's nothing to be nervous about. Adam's the man.

  2. There's no need to sign off your e-mails to Gaslamp Ball Mailbag with "Hugs and Kisses". Just consider that part to be understood and unspoken.
Those two things being said, jbox and I are going to be at a concert tonight and so will not be attending the game nor the comments. Hold down the fort for us while we're gone.

Go Padres!

Update [2005-8-29 13:44:28 by Dex]: I got called out on this e-mail today. The sender didn't actually say "Hugs and Kisses". I had the e-mail up there and I got to thinking how funny it would've been if somebody did sign an e-mail off that way, so I figured, eff it, I'll pretend like they did.

It also had the bonus effect of making jbox jealously think that there are readers who like me better than him.