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Positive thought of the day

Stole this from gjohns01 on the Padres Usenet group:

Padres vs. NL Division Leaders

vs. St. Louis: 4-3
vs. Atlanta (so far): 5-0

former divisional leaders:
vs. Florida: 4-2
vs. Washington: 3-0

Against rest of schedule: 45-56

I don't know if this means anything, but it is still worth noting. Assuming that we finish up as the worst divisional leader (and all that would take is for Arizona and LA to keep being pathetic), would we play a division winner or a wild-card in the first round?
The postseason only takes into account the win/loss record when determining the "seeding". From the looks of it, if everything keeps going the way it has (and there's no reason why it shouldn't), we'd play St. Louis in the first round. That's not a comfortable matchup for them. And do you really think the Braves want to play the Padres? Their fans can laugh at our pathetic record, but the facts is the facts and when the Padres come to play, they come to play.