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Monday Odds and Ends

  • Anybody going to give blood today down at Petco?  Jonny Dub will be there bleeding before tonight's game.  I'll go but just to support Jon.

  • Tony Gwynn is one of the broadcasters for the little league world series.  He's everywhere.  I wonder if SDSU wants him to spend a little bit more time with the team, so that they will improve that horrible record?  Vista won both of its games this weekend.  They even got a mention last night during the Padres game on ESPN.  Something about the Vista team being in the hearts of the Padres players.  You buying that?

  • Tomorrow is a big match up, Peavy vs. the Rocket.  Rocket is one of Peavy's childhood heroes I think.  Anybody see the rumor about Clemens over on the Red's Red Reporter site?  It was linked on the other day.