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Open Thread, 8/21: John Moores vs. Ted Turner

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5:05pm start tonight PST on ESPN.

Last night Nady hits a grand slam in the 13th inning to go ahead.

"This game had a special charge to it," Mark Loretta said. "And when Nady hit that ball . . . it became electric."


Hoffman thinks the Padres are finally turning the corner, but we've heard it all before...

"A lot of positive things happened to this team," Hoffman said. "These were come-together types of ballgames. Last night was a breakthrough. This was a growing game with a high-level accomplishment factor. To stay mentally locked in for 13 innings and to have that climax, I think we played like a team that is a division leader."

... I'd just like to see a solid weeks worth of baseball before we start talking about how this team has changed.  How about one week where you don't get shut out?  Maybe win the majority of the games too.  Winning two games in a row is nice, but I'd like to see a bit more consitency before we talk about this team turning a corner.

Sweeping the Braves would definitely be a nice accomplishment.  I just don't want to hear a bunch of excuses after tonight's game about how tired they are because they have to fly into San Diego late because of the ESPN game time.  I have a feeling that's all we are going to hear during Monday nights game broadcast.

Is Joe Morgan doing tonight's game?  I always forget which network he is on.  If he is, then I'm sure we are gonna hear him rip on the Pads as he compares them to the Big Red Machine.

Let's do this Padres!  Let's bring home the sweep.  

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