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NL Broadcast Ratings by USA Today

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The Pads broadcasting crew was ranked 10th out of 16 teams.  They pretty much dismiss Jerry (Hall of Fame Broadcaster) by saying he doesn't do many games anymore.  Then they tear apart Leitner mentioning the whole "my Padres" thing like it's such a horrible thing to be a homer.  Who wrote this, Dex?  

T10. San Diego Padres (Jerry Coleman, Ted Leitner and Tim Flannery)

Jerry Coleman, who will be inducted into the broadcasters wing of baseball's Hall of Fame July 31, doesn't do many games any more. That leaves the call to Ted Leitner and Tim Flannery. Leitner is a big-time homer, offering sound bites like "Yeah, what a bullpen!" after a Padres reliever struck out three consecutive batters with runners at first and third. He refers to San Diego as "my Padres." Flannery, in his first year in the booth, shows potential. A former player and coach, Flannery delves into the heart of the matter, telling listeners, "To sniff out a squeeze play, the pitcher throws to first to see if the runner on third might be running to home."

(Ratings - Technical: 7, Fan: 7, Entertainment: 6.5, Total: 20.5)