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KOGO Radio

The News guy on KOGO last night kept saying that the Pads shut out the Marlins 6-0 yesterday.  He's like "The Pads go for the sweep tomorrow".  He did it for at least an hour and a half and nobody corrected him.  I was like "Maybe it was all a bad dream and the Pads did win that game".  But alas, the Pads did lose horrifically yesterday.  

Too bad we didn't have a Peavy / D-Train matchup yesterday.  Friend against friend.  Ace vs. Ace.  Anyway Peavy will mow down batters today and hopefully the Dodgers and the D-Backs will continue to suck.  We need a few insurance wins here.  It's too close for comfort.

D-Backs are 4 games back, Dodgers 5 and Giants 6 games back.

Update [2005-8-18 14:10:46 by jbox]:

The Kansas City Royals are on a 18 game winless streak. 21 games is the AL record for losses. They are also 43 games under .500. Ouch.