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The first Gaslamp Ball t-shirt!!

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Update [2005-8-19 18:32:19 by jbox]: says we can't use Xavier's likeness. So we'll have to come up with something different. No "Free Xavier" gear!


So we designed a t-shirt.

In association with

Really, jbox designed it. I criticized endlessly until it was perfect. Jbox and I butt heads artistically all the time. Seriously all the time. It's the reason why our first novel Prey of an Abject Funk never got off the ground. Don't even make me tell you about the movie script, the novellization of the movie script, the graphic novel, the musical or the world music band.

In fact, this blog and the t-shirt are about the only things we've been able to actually churn out together. We're both very very picky. And very very stubborn. But only when it comes to our art.

So check out a t-shirt. I recommend getting it with the black ringers around the collar and sleeve.

Free Xavier. Go Padres.