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Unlovable Losers

I read this article about the White Sox this morning, claiming that even if the White Sox do go on to win the World Series, there won't be the adoration of baseball fans all over as there was when the Red Sox won it all. Even though the White Sox haven't had sniff of glory in a truly historic length of time. The Cubs, everybody knew about. The Red Sox have had to upgrade their bandwagon so many times, I'm not sure why there hasn't been more backlash? The White Sox? If anything, according to the article, "When the sports world's most mundane epic losing streak ends, it will go quietly."

What if the Padres won the World Series, not just as historic losers, but as losers even in the season in which they won it all? Theoretically, it's not impossible for the Padres to lose more games in both the regular season and the post season combined and still win the World Series.

Where a White Sox victory would maybe be greeted with indifference, I truly believe people would despise the Padres for winning it all. It would be as if the Padres somehow didn't play according to the rules. Somebody on Baseball Tonight would go on and on about how this is why there shouldn't be interleague play and why the wild card and probably the playoffs in general were bad ideas to begin with. There would be fans who would call it the worst World Series in history. Jose Canseco would tell you that's what you get when you don't have steroids in baseball. Bob "Unwritten Rules" Brenly would fall over dead and then immediately roll over in his grave. People who prefer other sports to baseball would have another bullet to add to the anti-baseball ammunition.

At least in my sport, the worst team in the league doesn't have a shot at being the champ.

But wasn't it all leading to this anyway? We're playing the Marlins today. They have two World Series Championships. How many times have they been the "best" team in their division? Zero. How many times have they even been the second best team in their division? Just the two times.

If the Padres win, or even make it to, the World Series, it will be because they were the best team in their division and because they beat the best teams in their league. They will be the ultimate "losers turned good" team. The team that's best known for the size of their manager's head will also be known in spitting in everybody else's eye. The Padres wil be the nerdy chick with artistic tendencies that everybody thinks is ugly, but suddenly takes off her glasses and becomes prom queen. That's how sudden and startling the Padres will be to the baseball know-it-alls.

The anarchists will love us. It's a revolution up in this beeitch!