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Marlins Mayhem

Probably the best thing about writing the blog is all of the new acquaintances we've been able to make. The active comments and diaries always makes for a good time. As any reader of the blog can attest, talking baseball with likeminded fans can't be beat.

We've also been able to get to know fans in other cities, and some of my favorites have been the Marlins fans at Fish Stripes. Partly because they're very fun, a little bit nuts but mostly because they think we're funny.

And now, on the eve of the Padres vs Marlins series, Mike's decided that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And I should be flattered, but the ratio on that last photo really makes my head look wide. I mean, I know I have a big head as you can see by the way my face completely fills that Cracker Jack card, but then Mike widens it to make me look like some sort of crazy, Cracker Jack hall of fame, fatty.

Well, really. What are you gonna do. If you've never checked out Fish Stripes before, then I encourage you to do so, if only to participate in ichthyomancy for the coming series. That's divination by fish if you didn't know. Predict the hero of the game, the attendance and then make a random prediction. If you decide to participate, then do Gaslamp Ball proud.

Avenge my big head.