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It's a new beginning...

Okay so 10 straight losses to the Phillies.  Greene out with a broken toe.  Apparently the Pads have also set a record.  They are the only team to ever lead the division with a sub .500 record this late in the season.  The NL West sucks a ton of eggs.

This Padres team is a total tease.  They sweep then get swept.  They love to toy with my emotions.  

Anyway, we have a day off so lets give ourselves a break.

I saw Northern State play at the Casbah back on July 25th.  They were sick! Hesta Prynn, Spero and DJ Sprout round out the group. They are hip-hop trio from New York. But their girl Spero was gushing about how much she loved San Diego. She was sporting a Padres cap as you can tell. I tried to get an interview after the show, but I got nervous approaching them, because they were so awesome. Oh well.

Northern State it's a new beginning, gonna throw the first pitch top of the first inning...

Other teams have their rappers... NY has Jay-Z, P-Diddy, etc. The Cards have Nelly. LA has people. Can we have Northern State?