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We're back

It was a successful trip. We got our buddy all married off. We ate plenty of food. We saw bits and pieces of the city. We talked on and on about how the coldest winter any of us had ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

All in all. Good weekend.

And then we came home.

Now, you people know more about it than us. And I haven't looked over everything there is to see yet. But how are we under .500 again? How is Khalil's toe broken? How did we get swept by the Phillies, again?

Basically, how do we leave for two and a half days and everything goes crazy? There are only a limited number of ways you could get that much mayhem in that amount of time. Right now I can think of three:

  1. Garth, emcee emmerson and bktabinga all got together, put bras on their heads and used a military supercomputer to try to create the perfect woman.

  2. Davidlizerblog and his posse decided to turn the place into a brothel which tempted thenerdhater into cashing out all of his savings bonds.

  3. Two burglars tried to break into the place, forcing Richard B. Wade to resort to all sorts of cunning booby traps to fend them off, including, but not limited to various forms of tar and feathering, bowling balls to the jock, and very very hot doorknobs.
Now, if none of those three things happened, then somebody's got some explaining to do.