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Open Thread, 8/12: Padres vs Phillies

Peavy (10-3, 3.11) vs Lieber (10-10, 5.00). I hate to miss a Peavy start, but San Francisco is calling us away.

If you haven't seen it, the Mark Grant Appretiation Site has posted the Mark Grant Fan Club's Visit to the Vault 2. Jim the Genius is also the mad mind responsible for trying to get Mark Grant into the Hall of Fame. And you thought you love Mark Grant? Puhleeze.

Also, we're all going to be gone and away partying it up in San Francisco this weekend, so weekend Gaslamp Ballers may find the action a little bit light. However, if somebody wants to take up the cause in the diaries section of posting an open thread (we're under contract to do so by The Man), it would be greatly appreciated. I'm warning you now though, don't be disappointed if you post the open thread and nobody comments. It's very hit and miss when it comes to these kinds of things. Especially on the weekend. Just know that somewhere in San Francisco, we'll be thinking of you fondly.

Have fun while we're away! Go Padres!