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Into the weekend!

Another series win. Too bad it had to happen with injuries occuring. The replay of that crash was brutal to watch. As Cliff Floyd put it,

"One minute we were laughing and giggling, the next minute they were lying on the ground next to each other. I went over there, but once I saw blood, I got out. I'm not good with blood."
Ugh. I appreciate a good competitive collision as much as the next guy, but blood and broken faces aren't exactly the reasons why I love baseball. Also, I too found it funny that in a given minute, the Mets outfield could be out there "laughing and giggling". As a decent human being, I hope that Cameron recovers quickly, but as a Gaslamp Baller I have to point out that I had no idea the Mets Outfield was so girlish. Not the laying it all out for the game part. That's all heart... Just the "laughing and giggling" part.

In happier news, Trevor got another save last night and the next one will stick him into a tie with John Franco. I love Trevor Time. I also love that he's basically the best closer around. Especially after so many "fans" had written him off as being done. Give me Trevor any day. Actually. Give me Trevor for 12 years over any other closer.

In strangely disappointing news, Jonny Dub went to the game last night and said that, in his section at least, Brian Lawrence's image on the jumbotron got booed when they did the "Ask a Padre" segment between innings. I don't understand the hostility. Sure he's had some rough outings, but he's also a guy who's put together plenty of great starts. And you can't blame him for losses where he gives up a run or two and the Padres forget to score. And I don't know why I have to remind everybody that Lawrence is the only starter who actually hasn't missed a start for us. I know the jokers out there will say that they wish he had, but look at the starts. The only reason that Lawrence doesn't have 12-15 wins already is because the offense sucks when he's on the mound. Here's a guy who's lost games when he's given up 3 runs or less six times. To add insult to injury he didn't get a decision in a game where he pitched a shutout over eight innings. He's had his share of blowouts, but to boo the guy when he appears on the jumbotron is a little silly.

Here's a little trick. Buy yourself some Big League Chew. Let it sit someplace damp for a few years. Take it out and chew the whole bag. Batgirl did it, and she saw a vision of Tony the Gwynn, Baseball God. Me? I'm chicken. Also I like to chew Big League Chew one strand at a time. No way I could finish a whole bag.