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REMINDER: GasLamp Ball Pizza Feed!

Mark your calendars...

Okay Dex and I... and to a lesser extent Kev and Jon are going to do it!

We are donating all of our income from this site back to you our readers, in the form of greasy Pizza! Any day we will be getting $84.84 and it's all yours. Who loves ya, baby?

Who: You the reader of Gaslamp Ball
What: Eat $84.84 dollars of pizza and watch the Padres play the Dodgers in LA
When: SEPTEMBER 9, 2005, 7pm
Where: Oggi's Pizza, Mission Valley
Why: Cuz we love you, but we're not IN love with you!

Alright, what do you think? Vote if you think you'd probably come, so we can get a general idea.