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Compadres and other stuff

  • Does anybody else have the first generation Compadres card?  I still got mine from 1997.  It's a little chewed up from being in my wallet since then, but in pretty good condition considering.  It even says "Jack Murphy Stadium" on it.  

    Back when the whole Compadres thing started, my old roommate Paul and I figured out a trick.  Actually maybe he figured it out and showed me.  They used to have those kiosks with 3 compadre machines next to each other.  If you waited until there wasn't a crowd then swiped your card quickly through all three, then you would get 3 times as many points.  I guess there was some lag time in the computer system.  So every game we would rack up the points.  Even with all the extra points we still didn't get anything any good.  Just posters and pins and the like.  Did you know that at the Murph you could enter the stadium for free after the 7th inning?  We lived close so we would drop in and see the end of games and swipe our cards alot of the time.  Hell it was free parking and free 2 innings of baseball.  It was great.  Can you enter Petco for free after the 7th?  Anyway...

    By the end of the season we had saved up for the Stadium tour.  We were so psyched.  We thought it would happen during a game or something, but it turns out that it was all empty and there were hundreds of other winners.  It was a bit of a let down.  Sure we saw the club house and the under ground batting cages but it was just okay.  Then they let us walk on the field, but it was already a little torn up for the coming football season.  Anyway I guess it doesn't pay to cheat.  My compadre totals are still screwed up to this very day.

  • Last night on "Sports Lists" (hosted by Summer Sanders), they were talking about the greatest personal streaks in sports. They got Orel Hershiser's 59 consecutive scoreless innings.  Of course they show him get the record vs. the Pads.  But the best part was when Summer Sanders says "From the looks of him, I bet he had some scoreless streaks in high school too".  BURN!  Man that was funny.  Then she says "oh that was mean".
  • Florida pulled the old Hidden Ball Trick last night.  The key is the rest of the team can't blow it.  If the pitcher starts demanding the ball then he ruins everything.  He just walked back around the mound.  If he touches the dirt of the mound without the ball then the ball is dead.  It was very sly and took a lot of good acting by the entire infield.  Well played.  Stuff like this makes baseball fun.