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Eaton and Frosted Tips

ESPN writes that Eaton is returning to the DL today.  I hope we can get Eaton back by the time the playoffs start, I think we are going to need him in our 3 man rotation to make it past some of these other teams.  Let's hope for the best. Speaking of the 3 man playoff rotation, who is Bochy going to go with? Is it Peavy, Eaton, Woody? Or is Lawrence or Park in there?

San Diego Padres: Right-hander Adam Eaton was put back on the disabled list so he can go down to the minor leagues and make at least three starts.

Eaton (9-2, 3.76 ERA) was on the DL from June 16 through July 31 with a strained tendon in his right middle finger. He pitched out of the bullpen on the recently completed road trip, throwing two innings in two appearances, but that arrangement didn't work out as intended.

Speaking of Eaton, he's got some frosted tips.  He's had crazy hair and beard the last few times I've seen him.

I like to think that we broke this story first back on our old site "Padres Fans Since '76".

But it's starting to go main stream.  Now ESPN's the Sports Guy is talking about it:

Q: Where does Roger Clemens rate on the "I'm too old and too tough to be going to a salon to have my hair highlighted" scale -- let's use rockers Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi as the benchmark.
--Randall Iovino, Rockville, Md.

SG: Right up there with Brad Pitt ... although Celtics GM Danny Ainge is a perfect 10 on the scale, since he gets his hair highlighted at the same hair salon as my stepmother. In fact, she was sitting next to him while he made at least 12 cell phone calls about the impending Antoine Walker trade last week, leading to her calling me and "breaking" the trade over her cell phone on the way home. That's right, my stepmother broke the impending Celtics trade on the way home from her hair salon. I will now give myself a manicure with a machete.

Update [2005-8-10 17:25:44 by jbox]:

Back to Eaton, Chris Hammond is taking his place on the roster. We were watching him in the bullpen last night. Hammond isn't known as a fireballer, but we were all suprised at how it feels to see a pitcher throwing up close and personal. His warm up pitches are so much harder then I could throw. His vicious change up is probably still faster my heater.

Jon, Dex and I threw against the radar gun at the last Surf Dawgs game. I think Jon and Dex threw at 59 mph. I think I got 64. The only way I could get any faster was by taking a crow hop. How do these guys throw so hard, accurate and consistent? Must be nice.