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PCL Restaurant

Dex, Johnny Dub and I went to the game last night.  Around the 4th inning we decided to get some eats.  On a whim, we decided to go to the Pacific Coast League Restaurant/Bar (PCL for short).

The PCL is located right above the south entrance, the one with the water flowing down the wall.  I'd never even noticed it before last night.  We walked in and immediately saw the sign "Please wait to be seated".  Right then we knew this was going to be an upscale eating experience, like Sizzler.

I wasn't even really that hungry until I saw the wax covered representations of the food.  It's like a wax museum that replaces the menu.  We were seated at a very small table by the window and chose our meals.  I went with the Philly Cheese Steak, Dex with the Bistro Burger and Jon with the the Chicken Club.

As we waited we watched flat screen TVs.  The innings were flying by.  The service was a little slow.  This would probably be a good place to go if the Pads are playing poorly, but since the Pads were playing amazing it was a little frustrating to have to watch the action on TV.  We were at the ballpark afterall.

Finally, we switched tables and the food arrived.  The Philly Cheese Steak was delicious.  Interestingly enough it came with Au Jus sauce.  Never heard of that before.  I've had it with the classic French Dip, but with a Philly?  Regardless, I dipped and ate.  In between bites I would stuff my face with fries, cole slaw and pickles.  A tasty meal to be sure.

Then we waited for the check.  Our server was no where in sight.  We waited impatiently.  Or maybe I just waited impatiently.  It was now the 7th inning and we had missed the majority of the Padres scoring.  Finally I saw the server and did a little scribble thing in the air, asking for the check.  We settled up in cash so that we could fly outta there.

But before we could leave we had to see PCL plaques on the wall just outside the Restaurant. There we saw Bobby Doerr and the Splendid Splinter among others.