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Pad Squad Erica Interview II

Here is an interview that was conducted last week while we were stuck in the world of suck. Fans seemed pretty down about the team. I thought to myself, who's the one person who's spirit and love for the team could psych up the fan base again. I didn't have to think long... Pad Squad Erica!

Since then the Pads have started playing like baseball game winning machines. They cannot be stopped!

jbox: In trying times like these, does the Pad Squad have to change it's tactics? How do you reach fans that are losing their Padres spirit? Is there more preparation when the team isn't helping you win over the fans? I have a friend named Jonny that has given up on the Pads, what would you say to him?

Pad Squad Erica: We always go out there and do the best we can no matter if we are winning or losing. It does get a little more difficult when we are losing a lot, but that's okay.....that is part of the reason we are remind people to keep the faith. I like to remind people of those crazy 8th and 9th inning comebacks in 98. We did it then, we can do it now.tell Jonny to suck it up or we will all be giving him major grief during the playoffs(and possibly the world series).

jbox: You are in the trenches with Padres fans every home stand. How would you describe Padres fans in general?

Erica: In my experience, there are mostly 2 types of people in the stands; the type that are just there because going to Petco is something to do on a weekend night (I only work fridays and saturdays) and the die hards who are Padres fans no matter what. The TRUE Padres fan will back their team no matter how they are doing in the standings (tell THAT to your friend Jonny). The other type has usually left by the 7th inning to beat traffic so around the time we are on the concourse trying to get people riled up, they are gone. I say this but it doesn't apply when we play the Dodgers, the Cubs, or the Giants. On those nights, there are usually more of their fans in the stands than ours. Makes it really hard to try to give high fives to people who just stare at you and grumble

jbox: Kevin Towers told fans that we shouldn't expect any reinforcements. Can this team win the NL West as it stands now? Obviously we are missing something right now. What's going to have to happen to make it to the playoffs?

Erica: NL West? yes because this is the suckiest division ever and we happen to suck the least....Beyond that I think we may struggle. We could really use a little consistency in our pitching and our guys need to get and stay healthy. I think that we were in a slump for awhile because there was a bit of a shakeup in the clubhouse with the Nevin thing. Now that the guys are back on track, give them a little time to gel and I think we will kick ass into the post season

jbox: If you were called before congress, could you honestly say that not a single Pad Squadder is on 'roids? Remember you are under oath!

Yes I can honestly say that not a single one of us is on the 'roids However......I have known some of them to dabble in Starbucks Lattes (for that extra edge).

jbox: If you have any interesting short stories from this season, we'd love to hear.

Erica: Well actually I have a couple great stories.One is about about a sumo wrestling midget and the other involves a priest and a donkey from south of the border..... but I assume you are talking about fan stories so we'll leave that for a different day.
For number six, I will put this one out to my fellow pad squad members. I will send you the answers when (if) I get them.

You gotta love Pad Squad Erica. Even if the Padres run into trouble again, I believe she can carry this team through a short series all by herself.

Here's Erica's first interview with Gaslampball.