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Game Report: Juggernaut sick with it

Pedro was on last night. Dealing. Unfortunately, for him and the Mets, the Padres are a Juggernaut.

That's what I want to hear people say today when talking about the game. None of this, "Pedro really had an off day, huh? Padres got lucky."

No, that's wrong. Pedro was Pedro. No excuses. The Padres are just insane right now. They are, if you'll excuse the vernacular, sick with it.

My personal highlights from the game last night:

  • Dave Roberts working on the cycle early against Pedro was nice.

  • Glad to see Khalil has finally rejoined the club. Even in May, he just didn't seem like himself. But now we're seeing the defense and the offense come together.

  • Giles is still awesome, and yet, why do I get the feeling that people still don't realize it? Like Giles is the forgotten member of the team even though he's arguably the most recognized Padres player nationially after Trevor Hoffman.

  • I liked Eric Young's jazzy pointed assist of the Show Your Pelo ritual last night. In case you missed it, when Sweeney pulled a helmet off, EY was right there with two pointed fingers and a wink. Like, "Now that's some Big League Hair!"

  • Chan Ho is a slugger. Before walking up, he looked so cocky. I even mentioned it to the guys. Sure enough ripped one for what would have been extra bases had it not been for those damn feet of his. Scoring from first is also an impressive feat.

  • Chan Ho in general was pretty impressive. I think the scoring play he participated in robbed his vigor of another inning, but still, respectable win.
More later. More later.

  • As reminded in the comments by mato... We were in the standing room section up the third base line when Wright made that spectacular grab last night. It looked like a bloop single for sure as Wright was all turned around and looking over the wrong shoulder. Had he gone with his glove hand or turned and looked over his other shoulder, he would have lost it for sure. So, instead, he just dove and caught it barehanded. How he hung onto it is beyond me, but the crowd gave it a gasp and an OH! And then gave him a really nice standing ovation.

  • Update [2005-8-10 12:20:29 by jbox]:Moments before "the catch". If I had only been a little slower on the button, I could have had an award winning photo.

  • And speaking of catches. Foul Ball Guy caught another one last night. A line shot that got by the ball girl. It was a good snag, but a little later when a pop fly went foul in his section, he literally ran up the line about 11 rows to try to get that one too. Seriously, dude. Enough. Let it go. We were standing next to a couple and ended up telling them all about how Foul Ball Guy is overzealous to the point of being an idiot about the dumb foul balls. I picture him hanging the balls all up on a wall in his apartment a la Mr. 3000. It's cool in a way, except that it's really not.