At least we have the Chargers.....

That's it!!! It's over.  I'm unbuttoning my jersey, I'm taking off my cap.  Putting them away until next spring.  It's over.  They officially suck.  If they haven't for a while now.  I'm so frustrated, I don't know what to do.  At least football is around the corner.
Even if the Pads do turn it around and somehow win the division.  They aren't going anywhere.  They don't deserve to.  I'll tell you this.......Even if they win the World Series, with the help of God, THEY DON'T DESERVE IT.
I'm so freakin' sick of these guys.  It's like they don't want to win.  They have no fire.  They are so content on getting their asses kicked day after day.  Now with the added news of Palmeiro, I don't know if I want to watch any baseball, for the rest of the year.
Football can't get here any sooner.  I need a distraction.  I'm thinking the Chargers are that distraction.  They look pretty good.  I'm already starting to play some football on PS2.  I'm psyched!  Go Bolts!

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