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Fan Ejected for chanting "Towers Sucks!"

What is this Communist China?  You can't say somebody sucks?  I understand if he's annoying other people around him, but at least give him a warning. I get the fact that he was probably loud and obnoxious, but it was only because he was in the expensive seats that they gave him the boot. If he's out in the bleachers, I don't see security coming to get him for yelling. There are always Dodger fans annoying people and they hardly ever get kicked out.  I blame John Moores.

John Moores is starting to remind me of the Judge from The Natural.  He kinda looks like him in the low light of this picture.

The UT tells us of a fan ejection

"Jose Enriquez, a North County resident wearing an old-school brown Padres shirt with Tony Gwynn's name and number on the back, said security officials told him he was "too loud."

"I wasn't cussing," said Enriquez, who could be heard from Section 204 of the Terrace Level behind home plate chanting "Towers Sucks" and also "Let's go Padres."

"I haven't said a bad word," he said. "I said Towers sucks. Now I'm being disrespectful because I'm saying the truth?"

Dex's take on the subject:

Now, if you'll excuse me for a second, I'm going to provide you with commentary on the ideas of "respect" in society...

In my opinion, throw this guy the hell out of the park. Hey buddy. If you're fat and your wife's ugly and I go to wherever you work and start chanting, "YOU ARE FAT" and "YOUR WIFE'S UGLY" then I wouldn't expect you to take it kindly. And do you know why? Because it's disrespectful.

Now, if the guy had just taken his ejection like a man, then that's one thing. Maybe Towers does suck. Maybe a Padres game really is the best forum for proclaiming that. I say the guy deserved to get thrown out because he somehow thinks that not cussing means that he has good manners, and guys like that chap my hide.

At a Padres/Dodges game in Petco, we sat next to this really really loud Dodger fan. Over and over again. Insanely loud. Talking all kinds of schmack. Turning in his seat to single out and laugh at Padres fans when something would go the Dodgers way. I mean, he would point and laugh a really, really obnoxious laugh. I was getting annoyed, but I figured I'd kill him with kindness. I struck up a conversation with him.

We talked about heckling and he knew he was getting under everybody's skin and on and on. We told each other about different games we had gone to in visiting parks. I told him about the time I called Jayson Werth an "asshole".

He was shocked.

He said, "I got these tickets from my youth pastor. Even though I may heckle, you'll never hear me curse. That's taking it too far."


OK. Let me get this straight, you little asshole. You're telling me that it's OK for you to turn around and laugh loudly in the face of the guy sitting behind you when a Padres player strikes out, but there are certain words that I'm just not allowed to use because your youth pastor is offended by words? Don't actions speak louder than words?

Anyways, there's a moral to the story there somewhere and I'm positive that it involves the number of lawyers there are in America, but now I'm too distracted to figure out exactly what it is. Maybe the moral is "shit stuff happens" or "fuck fudge it". I'm sure it involves a curse word. When I think of it, I'll tell you.

Update [2005-8-1 14:48:31 by Dex]: OK. That was my main point. My point is that you don't have to curse in order to offend somebody, and thinking that you're innocent of being obnoxious just because you didn't curse is crazy. Also, as another point, being scared of curse words is dumb.