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Baseball and Softball out of the Olympics in 2012

Baseball was singled out because Major Leaguers don't play in the Olympics and the U.S. league's drug-testing program falls way short of international standards. Softball suffered because of a perceived association with baseball and lack of global popularity.

It sucks that baseball and softball got the boot from the Olympics.  Although that makes 1 or 2 less stadiums that London will have to build.  The IOC seems kind of like a bunch of Euro Elitests to me.  I'm surprised that they haven't added pompous Euro games, like Croquet, Polo and Cricket back in.  Or maybe fox hunting?  Granted the MLB isn't doing a whole lot about drug-testing, but they've started and the IOC isn't free from scandals either.  Wasn't the IOC president bribed last time around?  They seem pretty shady to me.  Plus giving the 2008 Summer Olympics to China even with all of their Human Rights problems kind of bothers me. Oh well what are you going to do?  I love the Summer Olympics and will still watch on TV.

I especially feel for the girls softball players that I met at a recent Padres game.  Poor Cat Osterman. I'll never forget how you all rooted against the Padres, even though they gave you V.I.P. treatment.

Sean Burroughs weighed in on the dismissal of Baseball:

"That's a bummer," said the Padres third baseman, who played on the gold medal-winning U.S. team in 2000 in Sydney.

"To this date, that's easily the best experience of my baseball career. My best time ever was after the final game. Being on the podium, the Olympic village, all great memories.

I'm looking at a list of events that have been dropped in the past.  I think Tug of War would have been awesome to watch as an Olympic sport.

Tug of war -- 1900, '04, '08, '12, 20

That is a sport they need to bring back.  I'd start a blog about that.