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Open Thread: Renga

You, Jbox and I are going to compose a Renga about the Padres. Here's the Wikipedia entry. I will be soushou. Jbox is kyaku and gets to write the first verse. You all are the renjyu and so get to submit haiku which is 5-7-5 or ummmmm.... what the heck is it called... some other type of verse which is 7-7. They alternate. I'm not so much sure how well this will work.


twenty five hair cuts
playing baseball in summer
peavy kills bats snap

because of his wickedness
little baby dodgers cry

dodgers often cry
why? because they are babies
that is why senor

padres fans will never cry
or die, only multiply

i feel like homer
with the who's in the what now
and my eyes crossed - te

the confusion is just us
thinking about the friars

hernandez, eaton, roberts
loretta, nevin
need unicorn's healing touch

the stable is empty now
the unicorn is coming

dancing on the moon
whistling some buck oh nine
give me peace of mind

locked in the office looking
out the window at the day

friars and padres
why is it always spanish?
time for a new name?

though what's really in a name?
unless your name is khalil

a name like weisbarth
can only mean fun and sun
bochy for mayor

bochy for mayor, indeed
it is what this city needs

bochy and his head
need a custom size to fit
offset by his 'stache

some fans are sick of bochy
are they sick of renga yet?

forget this renga
it is getting out of hand
play jenga instead

ah poetry and padres
how they make me light-headed


Update [2005-7-8 19:13:14 by Dex]: And that's it! We didn't do the full 36. Maybe at the end of the year we'll stick another 18 together and we'll have a full 36 verses. So this is what the Japanese did for fun in olden times, eh? Hmmm.....