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Now that we're lying on the ground, can you people stop kicking us?

Emcee Emmerson points out that LaRussa has picked Bill Wagner to fill Pedro's spot in the all-star game. How does Hoffman get snubbed that bad? I mean, really. Didn't everybody see which way the vote went? The people want Trevor Time. Leaving Trevor out... That's just rude.

On top of that, we have to play the Astros again who apparently hate our guts. I dunno what the deal is with those guys. I mean we practically gave you Brad Ausmus. Seriously, Jason Lane, it's not the Padres fault that you decided to stick with a team that wanted to leave you at AAA till you were like 30. And could somebody tell Taveras that he should be pacing himself in the outfield? He doesn't have to grab everything out there.

Is Nevin going to start tonight? I really hope so. Bktabinga points out that with Nevin out, the Rally Unicorn hasn't had a proper caretaker and, of course, without the Rally Unicorn, the Padres will never be able to ride their rallies all the way home. Please let Nevin come back soon. All the Gaslamp Ballers are sorry for what we said. Nevin, we heart you!