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Lou Pinella is going to start his closer

Thanks to thenerdhater for this article.


This is an interesting take on the game.  Basically Lou is pissed that his  team sucks and his owners won't do anything to help improve it.

So, he's starting the game with a reliever instead of a starting pitcher.  Then he'll finish the game with his starter.  Just to mix it up.

Pinella says:

"I've made up my mind, and that's what we're going to do," Piniella said. "People are going to think I'm crazy, but we're just going to try it.

"Starting (tonight). I'll bring in whatever reliever I feel like starting the game with, and I'll bring my starter in in the third inning and we'll play nine innings of baseball that way. I'm serious."

I love this idea. Back in '96 I kept saying that they should start the closer to revolutionize the game. People called me crazy. But I like the idea. There were times when the Pads couldn't get outta the first inning then they would shut out the other team for the rest of the game.

My other idea was for the infielders to stand a few feet away from the batter with their backs to the home plate.  They'd leave enough room for a pitch to get through, but they'd block any base hits with their bodies like soccer players do when they try and block a free kick.  Cover your "boys" and block that ball!

It's just crazy enough, that it might just work.