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It's gettin' to be rigoddamndiculous around here

So now Kent's hurt for the Dodgers? What the heck is going on around here!? Doesn't anybody want to win the NL West? Come on! Everybody's so fragile around here. You people are professional athletes! You're supposed to be men. Quit your crying and get out there and play! You sissies. Everybody hurting themselves straining their backs carrying their bags of money. Or twisting their ankles when they trip on the steps leading up to their mansions.

Jbox and I haven't let a day go by without a post since we been here at Gaslamp Ball. And even then, when we finally get paid, we give the money right back to the people in the form of pizza. You know why? It's the love of the game, baby. Ain't no days off here.

Jonny Dub works in construction. For 23 days every year, he works his ass off. And what does he do the other 342 days? He plays video games and watches the lunch hour SportsCenter. You don't see him complaining about no strep throat or strained oblique.

The point is... What's my point? I don't know. Maybe there's no point. But I'll tell you what. The next NL West player that comes into the clubhouse with some lame injury better be bringing a paper bag with him to cover his head. Cause you oughta be ashamed, mister. You oughta be ashamed.