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What we did over the long weekend

I had all this stuff written up in one post, and that one post got screwed up and then deleted. So I'm going to put them up a little at a time during various parts of the day. Or maybe throughout this week.

Here's the first little bit:

That's Jess (the blonde) and Jess's cousin Sara (the brunette). On Friday, we went to the Bochy For Mayor Rally which jbox mentioned here. Among the things that we did was put on fake moustaches and yell things while trying to get on TV. Jbox took this picture. The guy in the background, fixing his stache, is David, one of the Bochy For Mayor guys. Real nice guys. Super nice.

Personally, I think Jess and Sara look very pretty in their moustaches. I don't know why women bother waxing their upper lips at all.