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What did Jerry Coleman do today?

To celebrate Jerry's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, it might be a good time to visit Dex's "What did Jerry Coleman do today?"

Ted Leitner explains how he started the ritual:

People love to say, 'What'd you do today?' I stole that (from comedian Elayne Boosler). He had always done stuff like that and told me about it. Since he was telling me off the air, I decided to ask him. I thought the stories were hysterical and I thought, let's share them with the audience. The true listeners comment to me more about that than anything else.

This has been my favorite part of the broadcast for years. It's always a welcome break in the play by play. The banter between Ted and Jerry is the best. Jerry always seems to be able to sum up the events of the day comically and succinctly.