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Maybe if we don't look at it something will happen

Kinda like a watched pot never boils. Maybe the Padres are shy.

Just got back from the game. Brutal, brutal stuff. You know it's brutal when the highlights of the game are the homeruns by the other team. D.J. going up and almost over the wall for that first homerun was crazy awesome. He had that timed pretty good. He should've stood up on top of the wall and grabbed it from there. The other interesting thing was that grand slam.

Woody really had no kind of stuff at all. Every single ball was hit hard. Why Bochy didn't go to the bullpen sooner is anybody's guess. He was probably saving their arms for tomorrow's game which is a must win.

Except we aren't playing tomorrow.

He was probably saving the boys cause he figured we'd already taken the series and we could afford to lose one.

Except that wasn't the case either.

Stauffer came out of the bullpen today which doesn't seem like such a good idea since his modus operandi is to give up all his runs in the first inning he pitches, but he did well as did the rest of the relievers.

Can we somehow make a move for Adam Dunn for next season? wouldn't he luuuv to play for the Padres? Petco Park seems just the right size for that guy. I'd love to see him in sand and sky.

Well, that's all I got for today. Maybe tomorrow, I'll start writing more generally about baseball. That would probably be more fun anyway.