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Open Thread, 7/31: Padres game and induction day

They're talking about Jerry Coleman right now. Turn on ESPN Classic. Padres fans are chanting his name. Great stuff.

Point by point:

  • Tom Seaver is presenting the award to Jerry. I thought Leitner was going to introduce him. Maybe that was at the Marine Corps Hall of Fame.

  • Jerry's already getting misty eyed. Here comes Jerry. Standing O for the Colonel.

  • Jerry's delighted to be there. He's introducing his family. There's Maggie. And Chelsea. Diane. He's got an attractive family.

  • John Moores donated his plane to Jerry for the week so he could fly around. Now Jerry's saying Ted Leitner's one of the best broadcasters we've never heard. Oh we've heard him, Jer.

  • Jerry still giving shout outs. Shout out to Doc Brown now. Shout outs to Whitey Ford. Rizzuto. Yogi Berra. Shout out to Ray Ray and Ruby down the way.

  • Now he's talking about how close he came to kissing Red Barber. WTF!?

  • Now he's talking about how he got busted by a cop for wandering around with no pants on. I heart Jerry.

  • Jerry's stories are really weird.

  • Ah now he's talking about his career... Good stuff. He loves baseball.

  • Oh and he's done. Hmmm... Maybe I'll reformat this then.