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Trade Deadline

And Kevin Towers says he's pretty much done. So what did we get?

One main acquisition seems to be Chan Ho Park, but ummmmm... Yeah where is that guy? Joining us on Tuesday? I thought he wanted to come out to San Diego. Instead, when given 48 hours to report to the Padres, he uses the time to give himself a long weekend. I commend him for his ingenuity, but it's not exactly the work ethic you look for I guess. Though I'd do the same. I admit it, dude.

We also got Joe Randa. I suspect Randa will end up being the most productive of our new acquisitions, especially since he's at the position that Sean Burroughs owned even though he wasn't performing. Ain't no way anybody's moving Randa off that spot.

And we also got a couple more catchers. Ross and Olivo. Ross looked pretty good behind the plate last night. Or more appropriately, he looked good in front of the plate. He blocked the plate well, while still managing to avoid injury and he received the ball confidently. How well he calls a game remains to be seen. After we see him receive from most of the rotation, it looks like he'll settle into being the main backstop. That's assuming of course that Olivo or Fick don't make it completely obvious that they should be the every day guy.

And that's what we got. No A.J. Burnett. No Cameron. Nobody that makes you stand up and say, "wowee". We're fully in cruise control now, boys! Let's enjoy the ride.