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Peavy is an All Star and Maybe Hoffman

Peavy is an all star, but with your help Trevor J. Hoffman could be an all star as well.  He's in the finals, vote now.

There are two ways for fans to vote for the 2005 All-Star Final Vote -- online at or on-the-go from their cell phones. Fans can simply text the word "VOTE" to 69652 (MYMLB) and be instantly registered to receive the Final Vote ballots. Then, for just 99 cents per vote, they'll have the freedom to vote from wherever they are. Fans can get the mobile ballot now.

I think you get 25 votes when you vote online. It seems like I've been voting forever. You know how they trick you? You unclick the "I would like to receive commercial e-mails from" checkbox and everytime you press vote again they automatically check the box again. Looks like I'm getting commercial emails now.

In all honesty, I'm not sure how Hoffman doesn't win the vote. Here's your choices in the NL:

  • Trevor Hoffman, SD
  • Brett Myers, PHI
  • Roy Oswalt, HOU
  • Billy Wagner, PHI
  • Brandon Webb, ARI

Anyway back to Peavy. Wow this is awesome. It's a much deserved accomplishment. Let's see what his coaches and teammates have to say about him:

"I feel Jake Peavy is the best pitcher in baseball," Fick said. "I felt that way before I caught him, and now I feel that way stronger than ever. He's awesome. He's the whole package."
"Jake's a tremendous competitor," Padres manager Bruce Bochy said. "You know he's going to give you everything he's got every time he goes out there. He has great stuff and excellent command -- and nobody wants to win more than Jake."
"Jake's a throwback to those days," Lopes said. "He's vocal, a real leader. He is all about the team. There's nothing selfish or self-centered about Jake. It's rare that you see a starting pitcher, or any pitcher for that matter, emerge as a team leader, but Jake definitely is a leader here. He's a guy the other players look to."