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Open Thread, 7/3: Padres vs Giants


By the way, the next person that registers as a Gaslamp Baller will be our 100th registered reader. For everybody who hasn't registered or perhaps for those who don't realize exactly what registration has gotten them: Not only do you get the opportunity to join us with commentary... Not only do you get the opportunity to post your own polls and diaries in the diary section... Not only do you get to see which diaries and articles have comments you haven't read... Not only do you get to pick your own snazzy nickname...

There's more. Jbox and I have come up with what we think will be a nice little surprise for the readers. A way for us to give something back to you for reading.

So register! All it takes is an e-mail address. Who will be registered user number 100!?

(Also, thanks to Sheldo for becoming user number 99. Come again soon.)