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Dodger Fans and other news

There is an AP story in the UT today by John Nadel.  He's talking about how the Dodger fans left early last night and it cost them the ball game.

"Fortunately, where he hit that ball, there were three or four open seats,"  Gonzalez said.  "it was pretty crowded out there early in the game.  I got very lucky the fans at Dodger Stadium leave early.
"I thought it had a chance, especially with the way the ball was carrying today and the amount of home runs that were hit," Phillips said of his drive off Greg Aquino.  "There's not one idiot out there that can reach over and grab the ball?"

"You just wish somebody would have forearmed him or something."

I wonder why Dodger fans don't support their team?  Is it because Jason Phillips (El Cap and SDSU alum) calls them idiots or because they suck.  Well I guess they don't suck just enough to take 2 of 3 from the NL West Leaders.

Update [2005-7-3 14:59:17 by jbox]:

In other Padres news:

  • Ramon Hernandez may need arthroscopic surgery, but he certainly doesn't need a hair cut.
  • Ben Johnson was awesome in his first game, even though he was battling nerves. Dex's wife also has a school girl crush on Ben.
  • Former Padre, heart throb and sucky Catcher Ben Davis is out for the season. He needs elbow surgery. He was playing AAA for the White Sox.
  • If you are still questioning the Giles for Bay and Perez trade then you need to move on. But here's a little update on Bay and Perez. Bay is the leading all-star candidate for the Pirates. He's batting .311, 15 HR's and 41 RBI. Perez however is back on the DL with a broken toe.