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Open Thread: 7/29, Padres vs. Reds

Update [2005-7-29 20:42:54 by Dex]: And now Channel 4 Padres is saying that Nevin has been traded to Texas for Chan Ho Park. They're interviewing him right now. He looks really emotional. I'm gonna miss Phil.

Update [2005-7-29 19:13:40 by jbox]:

MORE BREAKING NEWS: My secret source speaks again!! Padres are on the verge of a deal with the Rangers... Nevin for Chan Ho Park! Nevin can't block the trade, but Park does have a no trade clause that it looks like he will waive.

Breaking News:  Brian Lawrence is pitching instead of Pedro Astacio!!!

My Secret Source is guaranteeing a win tonight. If the Pads do win tonight they will extend the lead to 3 games again, because the D-backs lost today.

Quotable "We want to get to a point where we can put a lineup out there without juggling. We need to start playing better. Shoot, we were at a point 10 days ago -- in the last game versus the Diamondbacks -- where we could have gone about eight up. We're going to make it interesting. I said all along when it was all said and done, it was going to come down to our last homestand." -- Padres general manager Kevin Towers, following Thursday's 11-3 loss to the Cardinals