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Padres: Behind the Dish

Tom Krasovic from the UT is reporting that Ramon Hernandez is out for the year.

According to his agent, Hernandez is probably finished for the season.

Apparently the Padres have no interest in resigning Hernandez next season. That used to be there number one priority, but maybe they are worried about the wrist or the amount of money he going to ask for.

Hernandez, who was unavailable for comment, also is a potential free agent who had wanted the Padres to sign him to a contract extension. Those chances appear to be dwindling. Goldschmidt said he tried to interest the club in revisiting negotiations last week but was told the Padres weren't interested.

Meanwhile, Fick says they don't need to shop for a new catcher. He says that he and Nevin can handle things behind the dish.

"I think Phil (Nevin) and I have this covered,"
"My body is more ready this time," Fick said. "I've known for a while that this (Hernandez returning to the DL) was a possibility, and I've had some time to think about what I need to do better. I've watched pitchers differently. I've really been studying.

"It's time to get it done ... time for someone to step up. I want to be that guy. I'm going to show these guys. That's my goal. They don't need to go out and get anyone else. Just let me and Phil do it.

"We're ballplayers. We'll find a way to get it done."

Update [2005-7-29 11:22:40 by jbox]: So I heard on 1090 yesterday that the Pads picked up David Ross. Coach was not happy at all with the Pads. He wanted to see them go after a real veteran guy who was going to be an impact player. He wasn't that high on Ross.

With Ramon Hernandez scheduled to undergo surgery on Friday on his left wrist, the Padres made a move to shore up their catching on Thursday, acquiring veteran backstop David Ross from the Pirates in exchange for Triple-A infielder J.J. Furmaniak.

Ross, 28, batted .222 this season in 40 games with the Pirates before being sent to Triple-A Indianapolis. With the Bucs, he had three homers and 15 RBIs in 108 at-bats, with a .380 slugging percentage and .263 on-base mark. Ross spent parts of the 2002, '03 and '04 seasons with the Dodgers and is a .211 career hitter with 19 homers and 50 RBIs.

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