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Now, I have a couple of theories regarding last night's game. My main theory is that Tony LaRussa let us win it. Why you ask? I'll tell you. I think he let us win it because he's a man of honor and the first base umpire blew the call on Giles.

In case you missed it, Brian Giles was very heads up last night in trying to tag up to advance to second base on a deep fly to centerfield. He was safe. On the appeal though, the first base umpire, I guess in a weird attempt to pretend that he was paying attention, said that he left too early. Video later showed that Giles actually timed his tag up perfectly.

LaRussa also let his man Marquis go well into the ninth, and in a seemingly crazy move, walk the righty Randa with a runner on second and one out to face lefty Robert Fick in an apparent backwards lefty vs righty matchup.

But actually, Fick isn't as strong against righties this year as he is against lefties. Weird, I know. And also Joe Randa against Jason Marquis in 9 ABs has 4 hits including a double and a homerun to go along with 2 bases on balls. So if anything, LaRussa not only set up the double play opportunity, but also gave himself the matchup he truly wanted regardless of the righty-lefty matchup.

I hope Bruce Bochy was paying attention. Bochy hearts big time the righty lefty matchup. I mean, big time. More than any other indicator, he looks at that one indicator in deciding things. He loves it so much, he's willing to start light hitting backup catchers in the outfield. He loves it so much he has a crazy tattoo of it on his chest. It's a sickness.

So that explains in part why LaRussa would do that. But why even take the chance? Why, you ask, would he even allow Marquis to go into his 120th pitch?

Because the Padres suck. It seems obvious to me now. More than anything, LaRussa knows the Padres haven't been able to do anything for months. He knows his team is kicking a tremendous amount of butt while the Padres are sucking an amount of butt equal to or greater than the amount of butt the Cardinals are kicking. It's like a master swordsman toying with an ameteur.

But then again. A win's a win. Go Padres!