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Last Night: Episode II The Wrath of Jon!


Sheona was nice enough to get us up into the Luxury Box Seats.  Either that or she was sick of Jon asking her to get us up there.

We went up to the Garden Level and entered the luxury box. Oh man it was so nice. Flat Screen TV's every where. Nice bathrooms... with PAPER TOWELS! I've been to the ballpark a lot this season and have not been able to get a paper towel after the 2nd inning ever! Drives me nuts.

Any way there was free food and comfortable seats and a great view of a frustrating game. It was cool.

I looked over and saw John Moores and Alderson standing there talking business. I haven't seen Moores in person since '98 and he was looking a bit old and stressed. I over heard just a little bit, I think Moores was asking about Alderson's time in Vietnam:

Seriously though, I sat there like the paparazzi. I took easily 30 pictures and they were all coming out blurry. I think that was the best pic I got. Alderson did not seem to happy with Nevin yesterday in the UT, so I bet they may have been talking that over.

Nady had an awesome game and Nevin ummm... played catcher. Bochy watched the game with intensity.

After the game, I saw Pad Squad Stephanie walking below us. Jon and I started yelling "STEPH! STEPHANIE! STEPH!" At first she didn't hear. Then she heard and started looking to her left and right. We just kept yelling her name. She realized we were above her and we waved at each other frantically. We were so happy. Sheona looked at us and was like "You should have just yelled "UP HERE!" instead of yelling her name so much. We were like "oh yeah, I guess that woulda worked". We felt dumb.